Beauty and ugliness, good and evil, truth and deception. Fascinating.
Everyone of us is a witness, there is no escape.
Mika devotes her art to female beauty and the power of it’s reality-defying expression.

If you would ask her, she couldn’t tell you which aspect inspires her artwork the most: the woman in itself or the way she is able to expose and express herself. Either way, the female body is and has always been her focus.

Photography, jewelry, fashiondesign, drawing and sculpting: In all phases of Mika’s artistic career it was very present.

Especially in sculpting, were three-dimensional imprints of women have developed a substantial emotional value.

Now that she loves to express her fascination through various means, she consistently stumbles upon new carriers to fire her imagination and open new possibilities.

Currently her work involves painting on rusty metal surfaces as well as transparent acrylic glass, which gives the viewer the opportunity to get involved in the creative process and expose Mika’s art to various and individual backgrounds and thus change its artistic expression.

The pictures are moving and meaningful, but after all they are still interior-accessoires, which is perfectly fine with her.